The time for the rehabilitation of cancer depends on each person. After treatment, patients may notice a difference in their physical, social, psychological and work skills. Cancer rehabilitation helps a person to recover and improve their skills that may have changed after treatment. The goal of rehabilitation is to help the person to remain as independent and productive as possible.

Cancer Rehabilitation Services

Many cancer centers and hospitals offer rehabilitation services to their patients. Your health care team can help you to find local rehabilitation services. Patients and family members should be active and be informed partners in the rehabilitation process and should seek the services they need.

The cancer rehabilitation team

A team of health care professionals work closely to provide cancer rehabilitation. Team members help the person to adapt to their situation, both if the changes are temporary and permanent. These professionals may include any of the following:

Oncologist, physiatrist, also called rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist  specialist lymphoedema therapist, recreational therapist. Dietitian. Psychologist / psychiatrist. Social worker.